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Welcome to Dr. Crills Pain Relief Centers

Your Auburn Chiropractor

We're not your usual everyday Chiropractic office........


 ALSO; We understand that everyone is different,  and one size does NOT fit all;      THEREFORE  We have 3 completely different types & levels of treatment to choose from:

A) For those who are in a hurry or on a budget:  Quick, no appointment, drop in, low cost visits to get you out of Pain & Out of Our Office as Quickly, Efficiently and Economically as possible.    

B) For those who want Better than Average treatment at an Average Cost:

C)  For those who need more than the average : Extended intensive highly personalized visits to finally get to the bottom of your problem (when nobody else has) and fix it as permanently as possible!    CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON THIS

( We also do  Sport physicals, Sport injuries , and auto injuries ; TMJ, Cranial, headaches, carpal tunnel, rotator cuff, etc..)

So,Whether it's just quick pain relief or thorough deep rejuvenation, once you’ve visited our office, you'll know that we are far different than anything else you’ve ever experienced or heard of before.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with our Auburn chiropractor, call 530-878-5150 or 916-789-0222 today!

From the minute you get there 'til the minute you leave, you'll be blown away by what a refreshingly pleasant experience it was.
First, you’ll be greeted by our friendly staff, and immediately offered refreshments from our gourmet snack, coffee and tea bar.
You’ll be offered a comfortable seat in our special new patient desk in which to complete your initial entrance application. OR,  you can fill it out ahead of time in the comfort of your own home by clicking above.

You’ll then have a private consultation with the doctor to determine if your condition is best suited for chiropractic & qualifies for treatment in our office.   ( if not, then we will refer you to the proper or most appropriate specialty)
Then you will receive a very thorough exam to determine the exact causes of your problems. Only in this way can a very real and valid treatment plan be created to truly get rid of the cause;   So your pain actually goes away,   as Quickly and Permanently as possible!   (Instead of just temporarily covering it up like so many other types of “treatments” do)    (See What to Expect , and Services overview)

Painful aching body parts, like your Back, Neck, Shoulders , Wrists , Ankles , Knees, and Hips can really ruin your day.   (and sometimes your whole life!)

It's no fun not being able to do things you want to do,   like playing with the kids,   golfing, gardening,   or even taking a walk or bike ride. (or sometimes , more importantly, being able to compete at work and keeping your job!)

At our offices you can receive the benefits of the best, high quality Chiropractic Care PLUS (if you want) the synergistic effect of combining personalized physiotherapy, professional clinical soft tissue therapy, and   Specific Incrementally Graduated Rehabilitation to more completely fix and stabilize the whole problem so that the pain doesn't keep coming back, over and over.  (See Tabs Above: "About Us" , "Services" , "Conditions" )

Dr. Crill can help you start feeling better quickly. Every member of our team has been specially trained to help you get the most out of your time with us.

If you are new to seeing a chiropractor and want to find out more:     please Email us or call 530-878-5150 or 916-789-0222 to receive personalized answers to your questions from our friendly team.     Check out our BLOG (above),  See Articles about your specific issues and many others from our list in Community Content (sidebar to the Right).           And to start receiving free articles and notifications about Important Current health and wellness issues, please Subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter.

 Even if you are not a patient, Once you Subscribe, you will be able to explore our Member Wellness Section (R.Sidebar) and take advantage of our animated exercise videos,  tons of tips and articles and other resources on things you can do at home for yourself to enhance both the effectiveness of our treatments,  optimize your general health , and get the MOST out of your investment.

"Observational studies found that low back pain patients receiving chiropractic care, which typically includes spinal manipulation, are more satisfied than those receiving medical care."
-New England Journal of Medicine

 Dr. Crills Pain Relief Centers
Dr. J. Scott Crill DC

Auburn Chiropractor

412 Auburn Folsom Road
Auburn, CA 95603